Direct West Forestry is regularly seeking to purchase hardwood timber and logs. Our network of professional foresters and hardwood log buyers are strategically located throughout the Western Canada and ready to help you with your land or log decisions.

Timber Purchasing

The Direct West Forestry’s team consults with landowners to shape the right solution to meet their timber harvesting goals.

General steps in the hardwood timber purchasing process include:

Landowner Consultation
Initial Woodlot Visit
Forest Management Recommendations
Timber Marking and Inventory
Woods Layout
Tree Count and Pricing
Contract Development
Pay for Timber
Schedule Timber Harvest

Log Purchasing

Direct West Forestry is one of the largest consumers of softwood logs in Western Canada. A large portion of these are purchased directly from independent loggers or forestry consultants who are working directly with landowners.

To contact a log broker with potential market openings, please call:


and one of our brokers will be happy to help you bring your wood to market.


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